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Who we are?

We are building a platform which will help each & every IT professional to get answers to all real-life problems in software industry. We tell you about software industry best practices, help you understand any new technology, products & software, advice you tool to increase your workspace productivity. We inform you about various frameworks, nitty-gritty about day to day software we use. We want to keep you motivated by bringing words of wisdom of great people who made it big in the IT world & interviews of Technology experts.

So don’t worry about how silly you might sound if it is relevant to tech we will answer it. We usually answer anything from the scale of “What is keyboard shortcut of copy & paste?” to “How to build an AI bot with whom I could replace my boss?”


Are you a college student/fresher?

  • Do you look for expert advice on which programming language to learn?
  • Are you not sure if IT world is the correct career path for you?
  • Do you need a mentor who can guide you about which company to join? 
  • And so many such questions.

Then BrainyFied would love to be your mentor!


Are you a working as an IT professional?

  • Do you want to switch your role & are looking for expert professionals who can guide you?
  • Are you building a new app, but you are not sure about which framework to use?
  • Do you need answers to the questions which are beyond Java, Node JS, Oracle but are still somewhere related to the IT world? And so on.

Then we would want to be your advisor!


Are you planning to start your own startup?

  • Do you want to learn from the mistakes of other founders?
  • Do you have an idea, but aren’t sure how to start?
  • Do you need tech mentors or want to learn strategies from Business Experts?
  • And so many such questions.

Then you can connect with industry experts through us!

We wish to keep you up-to-date about software industry & answer every small question/query which you might have.