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Our Vision

Build a platform for like-minded IT people, ranging from Fresher to Developers, Architects to Founders, where they can find answers to all real-life questions related to the software world.

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic, creative, spontaneous, & brainy people who are passionate about their work.

Our team has Techno enthusiasts who are always excited to turn coffee into code, Designers who love converting their creativity into wonderful designs, Content writers who transform their concept into alluring articles, Marketers who bring all this wonderful information to the world & a range of guest bloggers & mentors who have their expertise in the IT world.

The only one thing that keeps us going each day and night is our passion to help everyone in the IT world who is seeking for an advice when it comes to any problem from the software world.

Why BrainyFied?

We, at BrainyFied believe that nothing drives goals, better than passion. And an innovative company needs an innovative team that is fuelled by the passion for work, zeal for the objectives set by the company and an admirable persistence. If you want to be an integral part of an eclectic and incredibly talented team that

  • Works on excellence
  • Is ready to learn something new each day
  • Is focused on growth
  • Executes new ideas
  • Helps you to achieve great heights in your career

Then, BrainyFied is the right place for you. Join the BrainyFied family and enter the world of something phenomenal.

We are hiring

If you are a budding talent or a long timer, who wants to be a part of our roller-coaster ride where you don’t just pursue a job, but enjoy what you really want to do, then get in touch with us!